Virginia Tech Football: The Return of Joshua Stanford


Joshua Stanford entered the season as the top returning receiver for the Hokies and defenses put a lot of their attention on the redshirt sophomore wide receiver. However, Stanford left the team after the East Carolina game for personal reasons but not the university with the plan to return the team as soon as his issues were solved.

Just over two weeks ago, Stanford made his return.

Stanford made his return that week and worked his way back into the team to the point where he made his return on the field for the Hokies with a holding penalty against Miami while having no catches. Still though, this was big for Stanford to get back on the field as he is a quality receiver for the Hokies.

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Stanford likely will probably not be able to jump ahead of Isaiah Ford, Cam Phillips, or Willie Byrn on the depth chart in the next couple of weeks due to the talent of those guys and the amount of catch up Stanford has to likely do but the redshirt sophomore is ready to make an impact.

Last season, Stanford had a breakout game against Boston College and this weekend’s game against the Eagles is his chance to make his return known to Hokie Nation even if it’s only one or two receptions. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if Stanford makes some big plays in this game to make a statement that he is back and ready to produce.

Stanford will likely be used out of the slot though the Hokies might line him up outside depending on the play if they feel Isaiah Ford or Cam Phillips might be more effective out of the slot. Stanford is one tough receiver and he has the skills to find space though we’ll have to see if he is in rhythm enough to make a big contribution.

Joshua Stanford is back and after having his breakout game against Boston College last season in Boston, Stanford has the potential to make a big statement that he’s back against the Eagles in front of a large crowd at Lane Stadium.