The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from the Virginia Tech Hokies’ Loss to Miami.

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Oct 23, 2014; Blacksburg, VA, USA; Virginia Tech Hokies quarterback Michael Brewer (12) looks to pass in the second quarter at Lane Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Ugly

I could write a book about all the ugly parts of this game.  Literally, I could write a book there was that much ugly.  However, in the interest of time I have limited my ranting to just a few points of the game.

The play calling for the offensive side of the ball is well perplexing to say the least.  Scot Loeffler seems to have lost his touch calling the plays as the season has worn on.  The play calling does not put the offense in a position to thrive.  The talent is all over the field but for some reason, the play calling is not taking advantage of this talent.

The offense gets behind the chains because of play calling that is a complete mystery to me.  I understand our offensive line is not the biggest and struggles at times.  However, the Hokies have a battering ram at tailback. Why not line up and pound the ball.

An example of this theory not being put into use was when the Hokies were pinned deep in their own territory.  Did Loeffler line the offense up and pound the ball?  The answer to this question is no.  Instead, the Hokies decided to throw the ball unsuccessfully three times and punt the ball.

Not only was this not smart in the field position game but it was also very dangerous given Michael Brewers tendency to turn the ball over.  As a result of this play calling and a very bad punt, the Hokie defense was put in a terrible position and surrendered points.

The offensive play calling was not the only horrible thing about the offensive performance.  The Hokies started the second half with such promise but alas the Hokies turned the ball over and turned the ball over again and again.  The Hokies fumbled three times in the second half and cost themselves any chance of getting back into the game.  These turnovers only compounded the already massive problems with the Hokie offense.

The last ugly part is the most disturbing part to me as a Hokie fan.  It was the actions of the fans that disgusted me the most.  As many of you that read my columns know, I am an avid borderline rabid fan of the Hokies.  I was in attendance for the game Thursday and if you read my column about Thursday night games, I was more than excited to attend and bring my wife, and what happened.

The Hokies got down 24 nothing and what did the sellout crowd do.  They left Lane Stadium obliviously disgusted with the performance of the Hokies.  Was this appropriate?  Not in the least, real Hokie fans stayed and hoped they could help motivate the team to play better.  The longer the Hokies struggled the more and more fans streamed out of the stadium.

I understand a losing team is hard to root for, especially when that team has been a powerhouse in season past.  Hokie fans, I beg you in the last two home games support the team that we all love, and don’t ever be an ugly part of the game again.