Virginia Tech Football: Is There a Quarterback Controversy?


The Virginia Tech Hokies looked ready to have a big season after beating the Ohio State Buckeyes in Columbus but have struggled instead with a 2-4 record in the last six games and a bowl game no longer being a certainty. The Hokies’ offense has struggled a lot this season and some of the blame has gone towards quarterback Michael Brewer who hasn’t played well.

Brewer has 11 interceptions on the season and while he didn’t throw one against Miami, Brewer did not push the ball down the field which is partly due to play calling and partly due to his decision making. At the end of the Miami game, something very interesting happened as the Hokies decided to put in Mark Leal with the first team offense with Miami still playing a lot of their starting defensive players.

Miami might have been playing a little more relaxed coverage than normal but Leal threw some good balls and moved the football down the field before making a solid throw to Isaiah Ford that only the freshman could and did catch for a touchdown to extend the Hokies’ scoring streak.

After the game, the mood was still quite down and there were some interesting comments made by Frank Beamer that made people wonder if there was officialy a quarterback controversy in Blacksburg.

Beamer’s postgame comments sparked a whole bunch of intrigue with fans wondering if Brewer might be out of his job. Of course, there were some Virginia Tech football fans that were hoping for Brenden Motley who seems to have possibly been forgotten about by the coaches due to the back injury that cost him the first two weeks of practice even though Motley was ahead of Leal after Spring Practice.

However, the battle seemed to be between Brewer and Leal until Beamer put his complete support behind Brewer in a way that he could regret if Brewer’s play doesn’t improve.

This was a big change for Beamer to go from saying the quarterback spot would be examined to saying that “Michael Brewer, without question, is our quarterback.” Beamer could have just said that Brewer is the starter but to use the words “without question” makes it seem like Brewer will be the quarterback the rest of the season.

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That is a bold statement which he could regret in a few weeks if the Hokies’ bowl streak is in jeopardy and Brewer continues to struggle. However, Beamer did hint that Mark Leal could get a chance very soon if Brewer continues to struggle after making those strong comments in support of Brewer.

So is there a quarterback controversy in Blacksburg? It depends on the comments you look at and right now it seems like there might be a minor QB controversy. However, I have no clue what direction Beamer is going to go in at quarterback in what has been a tough season for Virginia Tech football.