Virginia Tech Offensive Coordinator Scot Loeffler Should Be Fired


Well, this is a painful time for Hokie Nation and the end of the Frank Beamer era seems in sight now. However, there will be plenty of time to talk about that but the first focus should be on one of the first people that should be gone no matter what the decision is with Beamer, offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler.

The hiring of Loeffler originally was somewhat odd given the fact that Loeffler did not have any success in his one year at Auburn after having one good year at Temple in the MAC. In his one year at Auburn, Loeffler’s offense was terrible and the Tigers finished dead last in total yardage per game that season and second to last in points per game in the SEC.

The Hokies gave Loeffler a chance but after two years, it is clear that Loeffler is not the right guy to be the offensive coordinator.

The biggest issue with Loeffler is his play calling and it has gotten worse and worse every single week. The passing plays Loeffler called were ineffective as passes only 3 and 4 yards down the field just don’t work. The screen passes that Loeffler used also clearly weren’t working yet he kept calling them throughout the whole game last night which is not the first time he has done something like this.

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Marshawn Williams is a power running back and the fact that he got 100 rushing yards was not due to the outdated play calling of Loeffler to consistently run the ball between the guard and the tackle. In the current era of college football, you can run some plays like that but the Hokies needed variety in their running game and they have lacked that all season.

The national rankings are also a sign of how bad the Virginia Tech offense is with the Hokies 72nd in passing yards per game and 87th in rushing yards per game. The worse part is the scoring production as the Hokies are 91st in college football averaging 25.6 points per game.

Another thing that was frustrating last night is the fact that Loeffler called decent plays on the final drive with Mark Leal that worked and have worked previously with Michael Brewer. The question has to be why isn’t Loeffler calling those plays throughout the whole game.

Loeffler is also supposed to be a QB guru having worked with quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, and Chad Henne before coming to Virginia Tech but even though Brewer has only been in Blacksburg for less than three months, there seems to be no improvement from him.

Change is needed and the first one that should definitely happen involves replacing Scot Loeffler with an innovative offensive mind.