Fighting Gobbler Poll of the Week: Should the Virginia Tech Hokies Host a Midnight Madness?


Oct 17, 2014; Lexington, KY, USA; A general view of Rupp Arena as players are introduced at Big Blue Madness. Mandatory Credit: Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Last week in the Fighting Gobbler Poll of the Week, we asked you who you thought the MVP of the first half ot the 2014 season was for the Hokies? Unsurpsingly, Kendall Fuller was at the top of the list with 14 of the 26 votes. Dadi Nicolas received 5 votes to come second while Isaiah Ford received 3 votes. 4 votes went in the “someone else” category which likely they were for someone like Chase Williams, Marshawn Williams, or someone else.

This week, we take a step away from football for the Fighting Gobbler Poll of the Week and take a look at basketball. We ask you whether you think the Hokies should host a Midnight Madness event at Cassell Coliseum or if they should continue to not host one?

Originally, Midnight Madness was the actual kickoff for basketball practice with teams hosting them and starting their first practice at midnight since NCAA rules forced them to not start practices until that point which varied based on the start of the season.

Now, Midnight Madness is purely symbolic since NCAA rules have changed but many programs still host this type of event including Kentucky, Kansas, and North Carolina. While Buzz Williams was at Marquette, his program hosted a Midnight Madness and there have been hints that the Hokies might consider doing it in the future.

Right now, the Hokies do not host a Midnight Madness and this event will not be something that brings in revenue as Midnight Madness are usually free events. Other than that, I can’t see why the Hokies wouldn’t want to.

These Midnight Madness events usually peak at midnight and start around 10:00 for those that may be concerned with how late it might be, especially for fans who might want to bring their kids to an event like this.

However, the biggest reason to do something like this is to add buzz to a Virginia Tech basketball program that is starting to gain some buzz. Whit Babcock also has done a lot for fans and this seems like another way of reaching out to the fans especially with the Hokies’ struggles to sell out basketball games or even be close with only one game with more than 6,000 fans last season.

Virginia Tech basketball needs more buzz and this is another step to do that in the future. However, what do you think about this? Should the Hokies host a Midnight Madness?

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