Analysis of Losing Luther Maddy for 2-4 Weeks


Aug 30, 2014; Blacksburg, VA, USA; Virginia Tech Hokies defensive tackle Luther Maddy (92) tackles William & Mary Tribe quarterback Steve Cluley (16) during the third quarter at Lane Stadium. Maddy was called for a personal foul for ripping off Cluley

The Virginia Tech Hokies haven’t had much good news recently other than in recruiting with the addition of Class of 2015 OT Mike Arnold and Class of 2016 QB Logan Byrd. Monday is always when we find out the latest news on injuries for the Hokies and there was some very unfortunate news today.

Virginia Tech announced today that star defensive tackle Luther Maddy would miss the next two to four weeks due to a torn meniscus in his left knee. Virginia Tech is saying it is a minor knee surgery he will undergo tomorrow.

There is no doubt that all of Hokie Nation is hoping that Maddy will be back in time for the Thursday Night game at Pittsburgh which is the first game within the two to four week window.

Based on statistics, it might not seem like a big loss losing Luther Maddy for two to four weeks but his impact can’t be judged this season based on his stats.

Opponents have drawn up blocking schemes to focus on Maddy which has given other defensive linemen one-on-one matchups which have been exploited. Maddy has also never missed a game with the Hokies in his collegiate career and his leadership as being the only returing starter on the defensive line has also been important.

Now, the Hokies are going to be without Maddy for 2 or 3 games but the Hokies should be fine in the first one of those games against Western Michigan this Saturday. The game against Western Michigan will be a great opportunity for new starter Nigel Williams to get acclimated to his bigger role before a couple of tough ACC road games.

Maddy will definitely not play against North Carolina and despite the fact that the Tar Heels have struggled so far, losing the senior still hurts the Hokies. The Hokies will need Corey Marshall, Nigel Williams, and Woody Baron to step up for Maddy and I expect they will get the job done against UNC.

Luther Maddy might be healthy enough to play against Pittsburgh but if he isn’t, it could make things harder. The Panthers have one of the best running backs in all of college football in James Connor and the challenge of containing Connor would be easier if they had Maddy.

If the Hokies don’t have Maddy for their showdown with Pittsburgh, it could be costly but the Hokies are deep at defensive tackle and that should show over the course of the next few games.