2014 Summer Position Rankings: Virginia Tech’s Top 5 Running Backs

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Jul 3, 2013; Beaverton, OR, USA; Running back Shai McKenzie (10) runs with the ball during the Nike 7on7 pool play at Nike World Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

4. RB Shai McKenzie

Shai McKenzie might not have gotten his chance to play this past spring due to how he was still recovering from a torn right ACL he suffered in September but the Hokies have a gem in McKenzie. When McKenzie touched the field in high school this past fall, he was absolutely dominant as he had 36 carries for 650 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns in what was an absolutely incredible few games.

Now, Shai McKenzie will look to prove that he is more than just an absolutely dominant high school player.

McKenzie is a player that proved he can make plays inside and outside the tackles with a very unique combination of size, speed, agility, and strength that makes him an under-the-radar running back that should have been a lot more heavily recruited player. McKenzie knows how to find space and take advantage of it on the outside with a great first step, very good agility, and good long distance speed to break away completely from the defense.

McKenzie can definitely be an every-down running back at the collegiate level and would have been higher on this list if he would have been healthy enough to play this past spring. McKenzie could be a breakthrough player this fall that climbs up the depth chart fairly quickly once he gets the chance to be fully healthy.

Shai McKenzie might be at number 4 right now but he could leapfrog his way up to the second or third spot.