Scot Loeffler and Virginia Tech’s Jet Sweep


Dec 31, 2013; El Paso, TX, USA; Virginia Tech Hokies wide receiver Carlis Parker (16) runs the ball against the UCLA Bruins defense at Sun Bowl Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Ivan Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

When offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler was hired by the Virginia Tech Hokies, many people were wondering how Scot Loeffler could improve the Virginia Tech offense. The Hokies’ offense had started to not meet expectations despite great defenses that gave the Hokies chances to really dominate the ACC. The addition of Loeffler was the Hokies’ chance to add some innovation to the offense and strengthen the Hokies’ offense. Of course, it would take time for change to occur and Scot Loeffler was ready to adjust over time with one play making its debut in the Sun Bowl.

The jet sweep is a play that many spread offenses have used a lot and is a way of getting a speedy receiver a chance to make plays in space. Ideally, The jet sweep allows the wide receiver to already has some speed and a little bit of a jump on the rest of the defense to help him get into open space to make a big play. Of course, that doesn’t always happen but the et sweep is not the easiest play to stop and can be a game changer. Scot Loeffler introduced this play as a part of the Hokies’ offense in the Sun Bowl and used at-the-time unknown receiver Carlis Parker. If there was one thing in the Sun Bowl that definitely went well for the Hokies, it was the jet sweep play as Parker had a very good game and the Hokies’ had some innovation in their offense.

The Hokies have continued to work the jet sweep into being a critical part of the offense this spring and the large crowd that turned out for the Spring Game along with fans watching the game on ESPN3 got to see how effective the jet sweep can be. Demitri Knowles had a big 52-yard run off of a jet sweep while Carlis Parker had a 26-yard run off of a jet sweep. Scot Loeffler is slowly but steadliy bringing in some innovation to the Virginia Tech offense and Hokie fans will definitely be happy.

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