Could Virginia Tech pry Quin Blanding and Andrew Brown away from Virginia?


Oct 26, 2013; Blacksburg, VA, USA; Fans enter Lane Stadium before the game between the Duke Blue Devils and Virginia Tech Hokies. Mandatory Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia Tech hasn’t had a great 2013 season but the Hokies have played fairly well and could still get to at least 9 wins with an easy game at Virginia and then a bowl game. The Hokies’ defense has been one of the top 10 in college football and is the reason why the Hokies are 7-4 instead of being worse. Frank Beamer was beaten by Mike London in recruiting in the state of Virginia earlier in the year in getting five-star prospects Quin Blanding and Andrew Brown to commit.

However, Virginia might not be able to hold on to those players, and the Hokies might just be able to steal both of those players and more.

Mike London is on the hot seat in Virginia with only 2 wins so far and has a tenth loss coming when the Hokies play Virginia next week in Charlottesville. London’s recruiting class also lacks depth and is not looking so good as the weeks go by despite the presence of Brown and Blanding right now. London’s job security increased slightly when he got Brown and Blanding to commit but that may not be enough for London to keep his job. However, the Hokies will need to hope that Virginia is willing to pay London’s buyout to have the best chance of getting those two.

Andrew Brown’s decision came down to Virginia and Virginia Tech and Brown seems like the more likely of the two Virginia 5-star commits to flip to Virginia Tech. Quin Blanding was a big reason why Brown chose Virginia but the fact that Virginia has only won 2 games while Virginia Tech has won 7 has to be wearing on Brown. Virginia Tech also has had big time prospects immediately come in and play very well like Kendall Fuller which has to intrigue Brown. Virginia Tech has a decent chance of prying Brown away from Virginia which would be huge for the Hokies.

Quin Blanding has been an asset for Virginia for bringing some of these Virginia Beach top prospects to Virginia. Blanding is very commited to Virginia largely due to Mike London and what his vision of Virginia’s program is though so far, that vision has failed. Blanding seems to want to be at Virginia largely because of London which is why Blanding has brought others to Virginia. However, Blanding now seems like a guy that is likely to stay commited to Virginia no matter what hapeens with Mike London. If Blanding were to jump to Virginia Tech, the Hokies might just start bringing in tons of top prospects to Blacksburg from the Virginia Beach area.