Virginia Tech Spring Practice Notes For 3-27


Virginia Tech spring football practices began yesterday, and with them came a whirlwind of excitement. I had the privilege of attending yesterday’s practice and I took some notes that I will now share with you. I won’t fill this article with fluff, only the notes that I took while observing practice yesterday. With that said, here you go:

  • Coach Moorehead definitely brings some intensity to the wide receiver group. Moorehead was one of the few coaches jogging between drills. He also would jump up and down, get in players faces, and just brought an all-around intensity.
  • New offensive coordinator and QB coach Scot Loeffler is insanely detail oriented. Loeffler was constantly critiquing footwork, handoff form, progressions, etc…with Logan Thomas and the other quarterbacks.
  • As an example of the note above, there was a stretch where Logan Thomas was made to throw the same route 5 times in a row while other QBs rotated in and out of the drill. Loeffler is clearly expecting perfection out of Thomas.
  • I saw a humorous exchange between Loeffler and Thomas in which Loeffler used the phrases, “this is bad shit” and “this is good shit” while demonstrating form to Logan Thomas.
  • Speaking of how Thomas looked, Logan is still struggling with high releases on his passes. I saw him throw plenty of balls high today.
  • Freshman QB Carlis Parker, who some coaches have compared to Michael Vick, is going to need some time in the weight room. He’s pretty skinny right now and lacks zip on the ball. Looking at Parker, it’s very obvious he’s a freshman based on size alone. I saw him throw some good balls, but he’ll need some work.
  • An interesting note: The quarterbacks group threw to tight ends before they ever threw to wide receivers. Loeffler loves using tight ends in his offensive formations
  • For the running backs, Trey Edmunds physically looks like the real deal. He’s clearly got some giddy-up to him, but with the size that J.C. Coleman doesn’t have. The media session didn’t give us many opportunities to watch them run, but he looked every bit as fast as Coleman. He was easily the most physically impressive running back there.
  • I saw Loeffler yelling at the running backs more than running backs coach Shane Beamer during handoff drills. Like I said – Loeffler is very detail oriented.
  • I got a look at Zack McCray at tight end. He was getting use in 2-tight end sets as the motion man with Malleck as the other TE. McCray is currently in the 2-deep on the spring depth chart. From what I saw, he looks comfortable at his old high school position. Also can’t hurt that he’s been catching passes from Logan Thomas his whole life. Sadly I didn’t get to see Thomas throw a pass to McCray in my time there.
  • Wide receiver Joel Caleb looked pretty good size wise and seemed to run better routes. Josh Stanford struggled while I watched him and dropped some passes. Kevin Asante and Dimitri Knowles had some drops too though. It was the first day though, so I wouldn’t read too much into it.
  • There were some recruits in attendance today, including a group of four players from Centerville high school. Class of 2014 running back Christian Martey was also in attendance.