A Hokies Football Halloween Special – The Spooktacular Season


It’s Halloween today, so I thought it would be fitting to take a look back at what has become a spooky season for those of us around Blacksburg.  Virginia Tech sits 4-4 on the season, on the verge of barely making a bowl game and potentially not making the ACC Championship game.

Losses at the hands of Pittsburgh and Cincinnati gave fans reason to be afraid, but perhaps optimistic that those were simply out of conference games.  A beatdown at the hands of UNC gave fans pause about the potential within the ACC, but it was OK because UNC is ineligible to even win the ACC.  And then the loss at Clemson happened, and the fans have nearly bottomed out.  This year’s Clemson team is not nearly as talented as last year’s was, and the Hokies still couldn’t take advantage of a dreadful defense.

It’s been a horrifying season so far.  Truth be told, it’s one that not even the most pessimistic Virginia Tech fan would have predicted.  Virginia Tech potentially going 6-6 this season?  You’d be more likely to find Jason Voorhees hiding in your closet.  Or at least that’s what we thought…

This has been the reality of the season for Virginia Tech though, and it is what it is.  There’s still time to see how this horror movie will play out though.

Will Virginia Tech end up in a movie where the victim manages to escape the horror and live happily ever after despite

Will Virginia Tech be the walking dead this week against Miami or will they come to life?

some horrifying moments throughout the film?  Or will Virginia Tech end up in a movie where the monster/ghost/demon goes on a rampage and no one ends up alive at the end?  Or perhaps we end up with a twist ending where Virginia Tech thinks they make it out alive only to have the antagonist come alive again right before the credits roll.

We’re at the climax of this movie, and tomorrow we will begin to see how this ending will play out.  Tomorrow’s road game against Miami will surely decide the fate of the ACC Coastal division.  It’s a winnable game for the Hokies, but there have been plenty of winnable games this season.  Luckily for Virginia Tech, the defense has come alive like Chucky in the past two games.  The defensive line is playing like we thought they would all season, the secondary is locking receivers down, and the linebackers are filling their gaps better.

This game will fall on the hands of the offense – who have only strung together a solid three quarters in a game once or twice this season.  I can’t think of a game where the Hokies have played solid offensively for all four quarters.  If the Hokies were saving that type of performance, this would be the week to have it.

So I guess we’ll see whether or not the Hokies will rise from the dead like a zombie or remain in the netherworld.  But, we’ve got until tomorrow for that – until then, I’m going to knock back some beers, turn on some bad SyFy movies, and get my inner Marshawn Lynch on and eat a metric crap-ton of Skittles.

Happy Halloween, fellow Hokies!