Virginia Tech Football Continues To Slide, Falls To 3-3 After Loss To UNC


There’s honestly not a whole lot that needs to be said at this point.  This Virginia Tech team just isn’t good, plain and simple.  We’re halfway through the season and I feel it’s finally time that we come to grips with this 100%.  Not only will 10 wins not happen this season, but it’s also not a given that this roster will reach a bowl game.  That’s right – finding three more wins on this schedule is going to be a big undertaking for this collective group of players and coaches alike.

Not since 1992 has Tech had this poor of a start.  During that season the Hokies finished a dismal 2-8-1.  So now we’re here following a 48-34 beatdown at the hands of UNC.  Virginia Tech was undefeated in the state of North Carolina in ACC play before today.  That’s now gone.

Simply put, I’m disappointed.  I know you are too, and you best believe that the players and coaches are too.  But don’t take my word for it, here’s just some of the things they had to say following the game.

"“I don’t think it’s time for excuses. I think it’s time for results.”–Frank Beamer, Virginia Tech Head Coach"


"“I think we need to go back & just simplify this thing for a lot of younger guys. I feel like we’re doing too much”–Bruce Taylor, Virginia Tech Linebacker"


"“I came to Virginia Tech because we’re known to play great defense. I feel like today we let the team down.”–James Gayle, Virginia Tech Defensive End"


"“This is not who we are.”–Bud Foster, Virginia Tech Defensive Coordinator"


Let it be known that the offense actually played a pretty good game today.  Despite multiple drops by the wide receivers, a costly fumble, poor pass protection, and almost no running game, the Hokies still managed to put up 34 points.  If Virginia Tech can put up 34 points, that’s usually plenty to secure a win.

Nope, not with this bunch.

The defense that was supposed to be elite is not.  A top-10 defense statistically from last year that returned nine starters has seemingly become soft as butter.  One of the best defensive lines from last year that was supposed to have New York Giants-like depth is getting almost no pressure on anybody.

This is the 2012 Virginia Tech football team.  Points are going to be hard to come by for this team, and if the defense is going to be playing as poorly as they did today, this season is all but lost already.  Every program has a down year from time to time, and this is looking like Virginia Tech’s down year.

The Hokies allowed Giovani Bernard to rush for 262 yards today, the most for any player against Virginia Tech ever.  The Tarheels ran back a 94-yard kickoff for a touchdown, and North Carolina put up 533 total yards.

This is just purely unacceptable and every coach (even the beloved Bud Foster and Frank Beamer) needs to be held accountable to the piss-poor performance of this team not only today, but the rest of the season too.  Things need to change within this program if they want to rebound from this horrendous start.  The excuses must stop, the poor play must stop, and the repeated failures must stop.

Technically the Hokies can still control their own destiny within the ACC this year, but unless something drastic changes the only trip to Charlotte this team might be making is to the Belk Bowl in December.

Up next for the Hokies is Duke at home, and that game won’t be a gimme either.  I don’t think any games are going to be easy at this point.  Other schools know that Tech is vulnerable and weakened.  Simply put, there is blood in the water.  It’s time to figure out whether or not the Hokies will be the sharks or the chum.