The Keys To Success: One Day Until The Virginia Tech Football Season


Yesterday we took a look at Virginia Tech’s defensive line, and today will take one last look at the centerpiece of Virginia Tech’s entire team.  Today we will look at the starting quarterback, Logan Thomas.

Logan Thomas – Starting Quarterback

Logan Thomas is a big quarterback that has big potential.  At 6’6, 260 pounds, Logan Thomas has all of the physical tools to succeed not only at the college level, but in the NFL too.  There’s a reason why scouts are already heralding Thomas as a top-3 quarterback in next year’s NFL Draft class despite Thomas only being a redshirt-junior, and having only one year of starting quarterback under his belt.  All things considered, Logan Thomas has all of the tools to be best quarterback to ever play at Virginia Tech.

In terms of arm strength, Thomas has the ability to sling the ball downfield with ease.  His height and arm length allows for a higher release point on deep throws, which gives Thomas more potential distance on his throws.  This was a problem early on last season when Thomas had a tendency to release the ball too high on long/intermediate routes and would overthrow his receivers.  As the season went along though, Thomas settled down and learned how to properly release the ball accurately.  By the time the Sugar Bowl rolled around, you could already see Thomas making NFL-style throws against Michigan’s defense.

This season, we should see Thomas continue to improve as a passer.  However, we should see Thomas running Virginia Tech’s offense from some new looks this season.  We might see more up-tempo sequences as well as some implementation of the pistol formation as well.  All of these potential new looks should give the Hokies and Thomas some new ways to go after defenses.  Thomas is a unique physical specimen, and the offensive coaching staff need to do everything they can to put Thomas in situations for him to use his stature and size to his advantage.

From a running standpoint, I would expect to see more misdirections and counter read-options from the Hokies this season instead of the more north-south QB blasts and draws that we saw last season.  That is not to say that those plays will be absent from this year’s repertoire, but we should see Thomas bouncing the ball outside more than last season.

Logan Thomas has all of the physical and mental tools to be an absolute stud at the quarterback position, but it’s up to his wide receivers, running backs, offensive linemen, and playcallers to make him look good this season.  There’s a very real chance that this will be Thomas’ last season at Virginia Tech, and because of that you have to think the coaches are going to do everything they can to get the absolute most out of his potential last season at Virginia Tech.  If Thomas plays like the quarterback the NFL scouts believe he can be, he could take Virginia Tech football to new heights.

Well folks, tomorrow is gameday and so I should have a recap for you after the game tomorrow assuming I haven’t tanked into a massive depression after a loss.  But I will give my prediction for the game right now.  I think the Hokies win 24-20 tomorrow against the Yellow Jackets.  If you’re going to the game tomorrow, I hope you have a great time and hopefully you can leave with a smile on your face like I’m hoping to.