Dadi Nicolas Grand Larceny Update


Andy Bitter of the Roanoke Times first reported today on Twitter that Virginia Tech defensive end Dadi Nicolas’ court hearing has been scheduled for August 30th.  Nicolas, who was charged with felony grand larceny charges in June, remains suspended indefinitely from the team until his hearing in court.

Dadi Nicolas’ attorney Jimmy Turk stated that they are actively working on moving Nicolas’ court date up.  Turk is likely attempting to speed up the process so Nicolas can still have a chance at getting back on the field for the season.  As long as Nicolas is still technically charged with a felony he cannot return to Virginia Tech to play football.  If the charges get dropped or reduced down to a misdemeanor, Nicolas could be reinstated by Virginia Tech athletic director Jim Weaver.

Earlier this summer, kicker Cody Journell was reinstated after a run-in with the law shortly before the Sugar Bowl last season.  The fact that Frank Beamer allowed Journell to return to the team should bode well for Nicolas if he and his attorney can manage to get the charges reduced or dropped.  Beamer has shown to be very forgiving with first time offenders and is willing to give players a second chance.  Hopefully Journell and Nicolas will be improved players and people after their respective incidences.

We will keep tabs on the proceedings of Nicolas’ court hearings as they happen.  Make sure to stay tuned to Fighting Gobbler for any updates.