Seth Greenberg Takes Job At ESPN


I’m not surprised at this story – only surprised at how long it took for this story to manifest into reality.  Seth Greenberg has spent time over the years working for ESPN’s coverage of college basketball, mostly after the Hokies were excluded from any significant postseason action.  Greenberg always seemed to have a knack for being on television and today he finally made the jump from coaching to commentating.

As Jeff Goodman of CBS Tweeted today:

"“Seth Greenberg is a done deal to ESPN in studio. Ex-Virginia Tech head man is terrific on TV. Strong opinions, informed.”–Jeff Goodman, CBS Senior Basketball Writer"

Goodman isn’t wrong either; Greenberg is all of those things.  He is absolutely terrific on TV, he is very opinionated (which you would know if you ever attended one of his “Chalk Talks” at D2), and he does know his stuff despite what you might think of him.

I’m happy for Greenberg and this is a move I expected him to make naturally.  I didn’t expect him to rush back into coaching after being “terminated” from Virginia Tech, and his transition to TV seemed almost but a certainty.  Like I said above, the only thing I’m surprised about is how long it took to reach this point.  The fact of the matter is this – Greenberg will thrive within the walls of the ESPN studios, and we all know he will – like him or loathe him.

You may not like how he handled himself at Virginia Tech, but at least be happy for the man that gave Virginia Tech basketball some dignity and respect around the ACC and nation.  To Seth Greenberg, congratulations and good luck from Fighting Gobbler!  You’ll do great up there in Bristol.