Rumor Mill: Hokies Defensive End Dadi Nicolas Could Return to Team


On June 28th we reported that Dadi Nicolas had been suspended indefinitely from the Virginia Tech football program for “Principle 2nd Degree Grand larceny.”  However, a tweet today by Chris Colston, writer of the HokieFootball Annual, revealed that Nicolas could be returning to the Hokies this fall.

"“So there seems a chance promising #Hokies DE Dadi Nicolas could return to the team.”–Chris Colston, Virginia Tech Football Insider"

Because Nicolas was charged with a felony, he cannot return to the football program.  However, Nicolas’ court hearing for the case is tomorrow morning; and at that court hearing it’s possible that he could have the charge reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor.  If his charge is reduced to a misdemeanor, Nicolas then has the opportunity to be reinstated by Athletic Director Jim Weaver.

From the Virginia Tech Student-Athlete Handbook:

"“Any student-athlete arrested and charged with a felony, or with a crime involving gambling or game fixing under Virginia law or any other jurisdictional equivalent, shall be suspended automatically, by the Director of Athletics, from practice and playing privileges until the charges are dropped, dismissed or otherwise resolved.”–Virginia Tech Student-Athlete Handbook"

Head coach Frank Beamer would have to sign off on Nicolas’ return to the team, but according to sources close to Nicolas, he does seem truly remorseful about the incident and recognizes his mistake.

If Nicolas is reinstated to the team, it’s likely that he will make a push for playing time this season, despite a plethora of talent along the defensive line.

I’m hoping Virginia Tech gives Nicolas a second chance for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, if the sources surrounding Nicolas are correct and he does feel bad about what he did, I don’t think the event will repeat itself again in the future.  From all accounts Nicolas is a good kid and seems well-liked amongst the team.  He made a mistake, recognizes it, feels remorseful about it, and wants to make it right.  I applaud him for that, if true.

Secondly, you hate to see talent go to waste because of bad decisions.  I’m in no way condoning his actions or any other actions taken by other athletes of the sort, but you do like to see these kids succeed if possible.  If Nicolas can put this incident behind him and keep his head down, he has promise not only as a player but as a person too.  I like to think that Nicolas is more than capable of keeping his nose clean from this point forward, but that’s a trust that is going to have to be earned.

We’ll know by tomorrow whether or not Nicolas will even be eligible to be reinstated to the program.  Until then, like Nicolas, we just have to wait and see.