2013 Recruit Derrick Green Narrows List Down to 13 Schools


Hermitage running back Derrick Green has narrowed his list of possible schools down to what he calls his “lucky 13.”  Green, a five-star recruit from Rivals.com and the number one running back in the nation according to Rivals, has received more than 30 scholarship offers from schools all over the country.

Here is the list of schools lucky enough to make his “lucky 13:”

  • Clemson
  • Miami
  • Virginia Tech
  • Pittsburgh
  • Michigan
  • Ohio State
  • Oregon
  • Tennessee
  • Alabama
  • Ole Miss
  • Auburn
  • Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma State

Please note that these schools are not listed in order of preference.

Being from Richmond, Green will no doubt be one of the hardest recruited kids on Virginia Tech’s board.  You can tell a lot by a recruit’s offer list, and Green’s is about as impressive as you will find in the nation.  From all accounts, this kid is the real deal.

Green just recently received another scholarship offer, this time from the University of Georgia.  Clearly there’s still a lot of time left for teams to chase after Green, but you have to give an edge to the 13 schools listed above.  Luckily for us, Virginia Tech made the cut.

Green has already made visits to Michigan and Ohio State, and has already made plans to travel to Clemson during the season.  Hopefully Beamer and Co. can pull Green to Blacksburg for a visit during the season.