Nick Dew and Theron Norman Set to Transfer From Virginia Tech


It’s always sad when great talent doesn’t pan out, but this appears to be the case with Nick Dew and Theron Norman.  As a foreword, I won’t be revealing the reason for Dew and Norman’s decision to transfer from Virginia Tech.  Just let it be known that the reason for their transfer requests has nothing to do with on-field performances or expectations.

That being said, it’s still a shame that the Hokies will be without Dew and Norman moving forward.  Nick Dew, especially, had plenty of expectations coming into Blacksburg as a highly touted recruit.  Coming out of Virginia Beach, Nick Dew was a four-star recruit and was listed as one of the top safeties in the entire country.

Dew had the rough time of switching positions and struggling to find a place within Bud Foster’s defense.  Before his transfer request, Dew had been working out at the Whip position and had been attempting to learn the difficult, and unique position.  Things hadn’t been boding well for Dew however, because during the spring Dew was listed fourth on the Whip depth chart.

Theron Norman didn’t fare much better on the field, only playing 11 snaps last season.  Norman, too, was fourth on the depth chart, but at the safety position instead.

Moving forward for Virginia Tech, this set of moves opens up two new scholarship slots and we should see the Hokies pursuing a couple of targets more intensely.  The rumor floating out there right now is that after the news of Dew and Norman’s transferring, the coaching staff went ahead and upgraded Oren Burks’ offer.  We’ll see how all of this plays out during the season, but we want to wish Nick Dew and Theron Norman the best at wherever they end up.

Once a Hokie, always a Hokie.