Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball Will Have Harlem Globetrotter Connections


You might not have heard of Hannah Young for a couple of reasons.  First, she comes from down under – that is – Australia.  And second, she plays the less recognized sport of women’s basketball.  Don’t be fooled however, because Young has the genes of a true baller thanks to her dad.

Young’s father, Lewis Young, just happens to be a former member of the famous Harlem Globetrotters.  Lewis Young spent time playing basketball professionally overseas in Europe and Australia after his stint with the Globetrotters.  Now Lewis Young hopes his daughter will see similar success that he had during his career.

Hannah, 19, will make her way to America to begin her four-year stay in Blacksburg, Va.  Young was voted the Waratah Basketball League team’s defensive player of the year last season.

Lewis Young recognized Virginia Tech’s commitment to their athletics.  Notice how he refers to football games.

"‘‘It’s a nice school. They just spent $30million on their sports arena, and they get 60,000 to their football matches, so they have a lot of good supporters.’’–Lewis Young, Former Harlem Globetrotter"

I certainly wouldn’t expect Hannah to be pulling off all of the moves that her father did when he was with the Globetrotters, but hopefully some of those good basketball genes rubbed off on Hannah.

Who knows, though?  Maybe we will see some of this in Blacksburg next season!