Virginia Tech Wounded Warrior Uniform Sketch Revealed


Today, on Frank Beamer’s personal website, a sketch was released of the Wounded Warrior uniforms that we have been hearing about for some time now.

We already know about the camouflage helmets, but now we have a glimpse of what the actual uniforms themselves might look like.

Keep in mind that what was released is only a technical drawing (sketch) from Nike; however, it’s pretty easy to get a feel for what these uniforms will end up looking like.

What we don’t know yet are what color the pants will be, and whether or not they will involve some sort of camouflage.  Virginia Tech didn’t even have maroon pants last season (#ALLMAROONEVERYTHING), and that seems like it would have been a staple for a Hokies football uniform.  It’s very possible that Virginia Tech wears just plain white pants with the new uniforms and helmets.

Okay, that’s enough blabbering about uniforms – here’s the sketch of the new uniform:

I have to say that I like the subtlety of the camouflage on the jersey itself.  I was afraid initially that the primary portion of the jersey would have been camo, but this is a sigh of relief to someone who likes clean, simple uniforms.  With white or maroon pants combined with the new jersey and helmet combination, this could end up looking pretty good.

What do you think of the new jerseys?  Leave a comment below!