Virginia Tech Gets Second 2014 Recruit – Running Back Marshawn Williams


I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am that Virginia Tech snagged a recruit with the name Marshawn because my mind will automatically connect him to Marshawn Lynch, and inherently Skittles and holding a certain body part as he vaults into the endzone for the game winning touchdown.

If we could get either of those out of Marshawn Williams, I think Virginia Tech would be pretty happy.

But I digress…

Williams becomes the second recruit for the 2014 football recruiting class and he looks to be a good one.  According to his Rivals profile, Williams had also piqued the interest of schools like Alabama, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Ohio State.  Virginia Tech was his first DI offer, and it looks to be the only one that matters to Williams.

Hampton coach Mike Smith had a nice little nugget when asked about who else Williams had considered committing to.

"“No one. That’s been his dream. He just loved Virginia Tech.”–Mike Williams, Hampton head coach"

There’s nothing that I love more than having players come to Virginia Tech that genuinely love the school and have a huge desire to play there.  That speaks to me more than anything I’ll ever see on the highlight reels.  Granted, it’s nice to have a good highlight reel, something which Williams certainly has.

Williams stands at 5’11 and weighs 208 pounds.  Looking through some of his film, Williams seems to have the uncanny ability to run through tackles and earn extra yardage, circa the other Marshawn (Lynch, that is).

Here’s Williams’ highlight reel so you can see for yourself.  For all of Hokie Nation – Marshawn, welcome to Virginia Tech.  We’ll see you in two years!