Who Is The Best Virginia Tech Football Player Ever?


Whoa – loaded question, huh?

Loaded as it may be, that question makes for an interesting debate.  There are plenty of great players to choose from in Virginia Tech’s football history.  From cornerbacks to running backs, Virginia Tech football has produced some great players.

You have Bruce Smith, the defensive lineman who is known as “The Sack Man.”  As a two-time All-American, Smith recorded 71 tackles and 46 sacks.  Smith became a recipient of the Outland Trophy, which is awarded to the nation’s top lineman.  Smith was a 1st overall draft pick and eventually became an NFL Hall of Famer.

Then you have Michael Vick, the flashy quarterback who led Virginia Tech to the National Championship game in 1999-2000.  Vick became a highlight hero and made every other player on the field look like they were playing with weight vests on.  Vick finished 3rd in Heisman Trophy voting and also became a 1st overall draft pick.

You can’t forget about Lee Suggs, the dynamic running back who had a nose for the endzone whenever he was on the field.  In Suggs’ first season he amassed a staggering  1,200-plus yards and 27 touchdowns.  After being injured the next season, Suggs returned with a vengeance and picked up where he left off by rushing for more than 1,300 yards and another 22 touchdowns.  Suggs still holds the record for most touchdowns in a single season and career for Virginia Tech with 28 and 56 respectively.

All of these great players join the conversation, and that’s before mentioning the other Hokie greats like Tyrod Taylor, Corey Moore, Jake Grove, Kevin Jones, Jimmy Williams, Ryan Williams, Jim Pyne, DeAngelo Hall, and others.

It’s an interesting debate for sure, and it’s a debate that could go on forever.  That being said, it doesn’t stop the debate from being had and we’re curious to who you think is the greatest Hokies football player ever.  Is it a player that we listed above?  Is it a player that we forgot?  Is it a player that played years ago?  Or maybe it’s a player that’s currently playing right now.

Either way, we want to know who you think the greatest Hokie is/was to ever step foot on Worsham Field within Lane Stadium.  Vote in the poll below and/or leave a comment in the comment box below.

Let the debate rage on!