Don’t Count Out Drew Harris In Virginia Tech’s Running Back Battle

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Virginia Tech football has built up a reputation over the years – that is – that Virginia Tech is essentially a breeding ground for talented running backs.  Recently, Virginia Tech fans have been spoiled by the likes of Ryan Williams, Darren Evans, and most recently David Wilson.  Each of those backs brought something different to the table, but each one of them helped propel Virginia Tech football to the top of the ACC.

This year, the reins will belong to Michael Holmes, merely a redshirt freshman.  The only running back battle that appears to be ongoing is the battle for the second running back spot.  After enrolling early, freshman J.C. Coleman got his feet wet in the spring sessions.  Many have speculated that the extra time would propel Coleman securely into the second running back spot.  However, after a lackluster spring for Coleman and a breakout spring for converted fullback Martin Scales, the Hokies running back depth chart doesn’t seem completely set in stone.

Enter Drew Harris.  Drew Harris is the other 2012 running back recruit that the Hokies snagged.  To say that Harris and Coleman are different backs would be an understatement. J.C. Coleman is small (5’7, 170 pounds) and moves brilliantly laterally while Drew Harris is bigger (6’1, 220 pounds) and does most of his damage running between the tackles and getting his momentum building by running downhill. Harris matches up size wise to Scales, who stands 5’11 and weighs 226 pounds.

Does Harris have the right skill set to overtake Coleman and Scales in the summer running back battle?  Click through to the next page to find out.