This new Virginia Tech basketball shirt from BreakingT is just incredible

The folks at BreakingT are back at it, creating awesome t-shirts. This new Buzz Williams shirt is a must-have for Virginia Tech fans.

The Virginia Tech Hokies were trailing the No. 5 Duke Blue Devils 60-56 with about three minutes remaining when the VA Tech student section took exception to a foul call.

With a lull in the action, an explicit chant began to fill Cassell Coliseum.

That’s when Hokies head coach Buzz Williams took action. He approached the scorer’s table, grabbed the microphone and leveled the following message.

“Quit cussin’ and don’t throw anything on the floor, regardless of what’s happening.”

After that, Virginia Tech rallied to defeat the Blue Devils, 64-63.

It’s a moment that will continue to live on in Hokie lore for a long, long time. So there’s no better way to commemorate it than with this awesome t-shirt.

Photo Credit: BreakingT

Really, it says it all. Listen to coach, quit cussin’ and start upsetting top five college basketball teams. Who knew it could be so simple?

This t-shirt features a 60 percent cotton/40 percent polyester blend and unisex sizing. However, men should order a shirt one size larger than they normally get, while women should get one size smaller.

If you’re the kind of person wondering just how in the world there’s already a shirt for this that’s ready to ship, you must not know BreakingT. The company specializes in creating apparel for what’s happening in real-time – it’s truly pretty cool stuff.

The shirts are just $25 and the company offers free shipping on $50 orders – so grab one for yourself and your best friend.

You can also check out BreakingT’s entire inventory of apparel to truly, as their tagline says, Wear The Moment.