2014 Summer Position Rankings: Virginia Tech’s Top 5 Running Backs

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Oct 26, 2013; Blacksburg, VA, USA; Virginia Tech Hokies running back J.C. Coleman (4) runs with the ball against the Duke Blue Devils at Lane Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

2. RB J.C. Coleman

J.C. Coleman has had a very interesting career at Virginia Tech as one thing he has shown is that he is one of the fastest running backs the Hokies have had. The Hokies have tried to take advantage of that speed as much as possible including on kick and punt returns where Coleman has had mild success.

The biggest issue with Coleman in the past has been the fact that has lacked a lot of strength which allowed Trey Edmunds to take advantage and cost Coleman his job as the number 1 back. Still, Coleman did have some solid performances including 14 carries for 57 yards against Virginia after Edmunds went down with injury.

This spring, Coleman got to be the number 1 back while Edmunds was still recovering from his broken left tibia and Coleman helped show that the Hokies have the best depth at running back that they’ve had since the era of Darren Evans, Ryan Williams, and David Wilson. In the Spring Game, Coleman not only was a tough runner but also had shown that he had gotten stronger and was starting to develop into a more well-rounded running back and not just a speed back.

However, Coleman is still not the number 1 guy as Coleman still has to prove that he is a big time productive player in games and earn the starting job. Coleman is a very talented running back but Coleman is in a position similar to David Wilson was to Ryan Williams in that Coleman is stuck behind Trey Edmunds.